My Story really starts in 2008 when I was brutally sexually assaulted by a stranger, while I was running alone…. IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.


After fighting for my life, I decided to dedicate my purpose to protecting and empowering women, while he rots in jail.

In that moment, the entire trajectory of my life's mission changed. I never wanted this to happen to my sisters, friends, and nieces. So I began to train, learn, educate, spread awareness, and eventually created my own self-defense and awareness program. I never knew my mission and message would reach millions of women. 

After I got back on my feet, life felt really good. I married my high school sweetheart, had four amazing babies, and got to do the “mom life” all while building a 6 figure company. We built our dream home before the age of 30, hit a million dollars in sales, and enjoyed raising our babies …….Until the rug was pulled from under me, yet again……


Here’s what I know after 34 years...

Experiencing my divorce is still one of the hardest experiences I can recall. But being non-negotiable on my standards of “love” and how I should be treated, was the easiest decision I've ever made. My sexual assault and divorce have the same theme that was taught to me:
Be Fearless, FIGHT for you, then RISE. Here, I’m helping women in all situations to Be Fearless while rising.

What I'm 


Homemade Mac and Cheese, Amazon Dupes, building 4 startup businesses, coaching women, recording podcasts, traveling to warm places, burning casseroles and wiping chocolate grins, my new and forever man, and helping others step into their authenticity.

What I'm 


Spanish. Life is full of plot twists. You can choose to let them destroy or define you. Toddler boys wet the bed a lot. Being with an aligned man has brought me a relationship I never knew possible. Trust yourself first, and always. That I want a fifth kid.. ( another future plot twist?)

What I'm 

not about

Women who bring other women down. 50/50 custody (miss my babies) People who gossip and want others to fail. Goat Cheese. Full priced designer clothes (give me them dupes). Stale potato chips. The hustle and “grind”. Daylight Savings. Utah in the winter. (get me outta here). And rude people.

what I


That you can be an incredible mother WHILE being a badass boss. Therapy is cool. That all women have power that they haven’t tapped into yet. That a good relationship with your significant others is the key stone to HEALTHY. That sasquatch is real. That trials equate to growth. That plain Hershey bars are disgusting. That daily sex is better than cardio. That Little Debbie cosmic brownies are IT. That anyone can make a million dollars behind their laptop. 

The best stuff comes right after the “worst” stuff. 

The best stuff comes right after the “worst” stuff. 

On my moodboard

        "the                I am           
the                I get"



— glennon doyle

"if it's not a hell yes, it's a hell no."

It's gonna be a no from me if you can't find farting funny".

"don't confuse someone who wants you with someone who deserves you."

"my love languages are physical touch, quality time, and sour cream."

Brand Partnerships 
& Collaborations

If you like me, and I love your mission and products…. Let's make a social media marriage and commit to each other. Come On’ put a ring on it. 

Speaking to Large and small groups on the empowering message of “Prepared not scared”, is one of my favorite things. If you're ready to have me come talk to your work, church, college, children or just a friend group ... .Let's make it happen.

You hear it everywhere. But what makes a coach a good one? LIFE EXPERIENCE. Whether you are wanting some guidance on navigating the uncertain waters of divorce, building a business from the ground up, surviving and thriving through sexual abuse and violence, leaving organized religion and finding spirituality, or becoming whole through healing… I have something for you. Learn more about my private and group coaching programs Here.

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Welcome to my space. Where I share all things safety, mossing (mom bossing), business, funny shiz from the internet, healing through sexual assault and divorce, and way to many adorable pictures of my babies. This is the perfect place for you. You're guaranteed to learn and laugh alongside me.

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