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Essentially, I’m a little bit of everything but hey, you will never get bored. I pride myself on being authentically me, even if that ruffles some feathers or means an occasional overshare. Through my brutal sexual assault, leaving organized religion, and a devastating divorce...
I'm helping other women navigate pain and turn it into purpose.

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My mission is to empower women, whether that be in their homes, starting businesses, becoming whole through healing, leaning into authenticity, or learning to fight back and kick ass. Looking for someone to be your “women kick butt”, girl? Look no further.

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I'm, Robyn.

Empowering women like it's my job.(wait, it is.)

Serial entrepreneur.
Sexual Assault Survivor.
That girl you saw on Instagram.
Your brand new internet friend with benefits (not that kind!)
Welcome to my world. 

I am a lot of things, but I pride myself on doing them authentically. My story is long and the plot twists are crazy. Grab a bag of chips and read my entire story! It's nothing short of entertaining, messy, unexpected, and beautiful.

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If you like me, and I love your mission and products…. Let's make a social media marriage and commit to each other.
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Speaking to large and small groups on the empowering message of “Prepared not scared”, is one of my favorite things. If you're ready to have me empower and educate your work, church, college, children or just a friend group ... Let's make it happen.

You hear it everywhere. But what makes a coach a good one?
Whether you want some guidance on navigating the uncertain waters of divorce, building a business from the ground up, surviving and thriving through sexual abuse and violence, leaving organized religion and finding spirituality, or becoming whole through healing… I have something for you. Learn more about my private and group coaching programs Here.

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When I’m not burning casseroles, or changing poopy diapers….
I’m helping empower women in life, motherhood, business, and spirituality. 

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Brave Talkshow


Brave Women, Real Topics; Nothing is off the table.
Join our round table discussions with four women of different ages, religions, races, and enneagram types ;) We take the brave topics, head on! Are you brave enough to listen?

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Welcome to my space. Where I share all things safety, mossing (mom bossing), business, funny shiz from the internet, healing through sexual assault and divorce, and way to many adorable pictures of my babies. This is the perfect place for you. You're guaranteed to learn and laugh alongside me.

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